The Good Money Opportunist


Some people think the word opportunist is a bad word, well that depends on who you ask. An opportunist is simply a person who is open-minded and present in the moment for any possible advantage for himself or herself. All businesses and startups are the result of someone looking for or identifying an opportunity to serve a niche
community or the population at large.

I understand how someone may view an opportunist  a bad person or thing, but that is only how modern media presentation the picture to us. Television and movies have simply given the wrong impression of the opportunist for the most part, programming the population to be in victim node and identify with the victim as the only means of good. It all about perception and directing our attention to a particular view. In turn much of our society plays the part of the opportunist. There is plenty of opportunity, if we all open up to the vast possibilities.

Important for us as people is practicing the constant vigil of having our eyes peeled and our opportunity radar on maximum for opportunities to positively promote our life and the lives of others.

Being a positive opportunist provides the world with:

  • Good deeds,
  • A learning experience.
  • A sense of service
  • Overall awareness
  • Self worth
  • Financial gain.



Being a good money and deed opportunist is the practice of saying YES, instead of nothing or no to things and situations before us. I’ll give you an example, have you ever encountered someone who stated “I wish I could___________? (Fill in the blank). That is an opportunity for an opportunity. Someone needs something that you may be able to provide.

There are times when your knowledge is worth a great deal to someone else. Someone is willing to pay you to mentor or tutor them based on information or skills  currently  in your personal arsenal. There are other methods of seizing opportunities simply by providing a service. Many of us have talents and knowledge currently not being g used for opportunities which present themselves daily. Don’t think of financial gain off the from the start, sometimes just a show of faith and goodwill may turn into some fortune at another point. Don’t expect to always get your fruit where you plant your seed.

If you have nice size pickup truck, I bet you could make some side hustle money every weekend with a small Craigslist advertising campaign and a little hustle.

The whole point is to open your eyes, ears and other senses taking stock of your personal inventory to find some hidden value lying dormant, just waiting to be used. If you can profit $50.00 every weekend that’s an extra $200.00/a month, or $2400.00 a year. Sounds simple and small until you add the numbers up over time. Making $50.00 a weekend should be easy if you put a really small amount of effort forward.

There was a time my goal was just to make $250 a month, which I reach consistently in a relatively short time. As time progressed that $250 began turning into much more than just a side hustle, eventually that $250 became a LLC small business for the next 9 years making multiples of that initial $250. Starting my own small business saved me while helping me learn more about opportunity and being prepared when opportunity knocks.

There is a thing I learned early in my life. Alway, and I mean always look at things objectively and trying to learn things just for the experience. I have an uncle (Edward) who has never attended formal college, but continuously is involved in courses and self learing to the point I don’t think there isn’t much he can’t do in this life. I remember a HVAC course he was taking just to learn the skill. He never had an intention to really use it but the skill was available if required.

There use to be these places where anyone could go for acquiring knowledge for free called the library, but not the library is in everyone’s home in the form of, Wikipedia and, Knowledge is all around you.

Last example, my brother-in-law had a car amplifier that required repairing, I told him I would try to fix it, and asked if I fix the amplifier just pay me for the parts. I visited the library, learned about switching power supply circuits and fix the unit in less than a week. I figured it I fixed his amplifier,  more people are available who could use an amplifier car audio repair service. A side Hustle was born for the next 5 years.


Opportunities are literally everywhere, is full of opportunities. Even if you see some service someone else is providing, that’s an indication of validity. Try it yourself. So is, and,  just to name a few places to search for the opportunities. You may find a different point of view on a service or product to offer.  AW Hell, just sell lunches you make to your coworkers, bet they will buy them, and you will make a little cash.





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