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Introducing Felice Cohen 90 Lessons for Living Large in 90 Square Feet

The Millennial Generation has stumbled on a movement which is catching steam while changing the mindset of many American.  The Tiny House, Tiny Apartment and less is more movement is gaining popularity with many in the younger generation, with a progression toward Baby Boomers looking toward affordable retirement.

Enter Felice Cohen

The epitome of less is more by living example is Felice Cohen. Looking to live in Manhattan, Felice found an extremely affordable apartment in the city that never sleeps by referral of a friend. To her surprise the apartment consisted of 90 square feet of living space. Think of the space as a really big closet 9 feet by 10 feet wide. I interview Felice via Skype during which Felice stated how the transition was a serious adjustment mentally, spiritually and physically to feel at home in such a confined area. There were unforeseen challenges such as not having a formal kitchen, and an extremely tiny bathroom to name a few.

After the initial shock, it was easier than expected.

The task of turning such a small dwelling into a habitat may have been a bit easier for Felice as her profession as a professional organizer aided the transition to living, unlike most Americans. An important fact she highlighted was how there is a cost to having possessions.  Having a lot of “stuff” is taxing on your time for maintenance, cost money for storage and requires energy to keep in your vicinity. Why waste energy on something you rarely “need”.  A good example is having a $50,000 car when you work 15 feet away and all your needs are within walking distance.

The New Movement, Experience not things.

Within the American population, there is a new movement to live and little more fully. That movement encompasses spending your resources on living the experience versus having more stuff.  The experiences movement to me is an honest progression to a simpler set of values and better overall life. I personally have experienced the wear and tear of having too many things, particularly after the fallout of 2008. If you have ever moved from on place to another or sold a house after 5 years of residence, it’s easy to understand the less is more mentality.

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90 lessons for living large in 90 square feet
90 lessons for living large in 90 square feet

Enter the Tiny House.

Felice no longer lives in the 90 square foot apartment. Instead upgraded into a 500 square foot apartment, by most living standards is still tiny. Much of her time is dedicated to the Tiny House Movement, by having workshops, lectures and appearances at Tiny house, and frugal living trade shows. Felice informed me the movement is gaining incredible momentum in the United States and sparking global interest. In the event you are unaware a tiny house consist of a dwelling of less than 400 square feet.

Takeaways about Tiny Living.

  • Living with less is a mental, physical and spiritual change.
  • Makes living simpler.
  • Requires less personal resources.
  • Will require an adjustment to your person.
  • January is Get Organized month.
  • Staying tiny must be a priority because of our culture.

Find more information about Felice Cohen.

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