What If…you died

The past became a blurry memory.

Let me help you to relax a bit after reading the title. What if you died, in the context of 90% or more of your current experience were to be taken away from you? Have you ever though about that question. 

What if your job, house you bought, cars, location, status, friends, routine daily/weekly experiences were all removed or reset to zero?

I wonder how many people have this fear? I am confident the majority of people in some fashion or another have delt with this very thought.

Personally fear of death was upon me for years from about 2002 until it actually happened. The majority of my my life from as little as six years ago in marriage is a distant memory except for my children, it’s all different now. the former aspects are foreign, although my relationship with my former spouse was not bad, it was just……. managed, upon reflection.

I could attribute the American economic downfall of 2008 contributed to the demise of my former life , but that would be too simple, but it helped. Adding to the chemistry of the demise of my former  family situation was an aging marriage of two uncomplimentary personalities who care for each other deeply. 

In a nutshell my ex wife and I became empty nesters and had the realization neither of us needed to be together she was smarter than I and figured it’s not worth the effort(lol). The bond/glue that held us in place had almost vanished as my youngest daughter was heading towards her junior years in college. 

The decision at the time was not mutual, because there was no plan in place to secure the innocent bystanders. This is my heaviest regret. As a couple we were just not that emotionally mature. In what seemed to be  an instant, but started and stopped, lasting two years. I witnessed my old life I though I  knew reasonably well wither and die before my eyes. I was actually happy and smiling at the pronouncement because I was free to begin total rebirth.

Prior to the time of death my only reaction was to fight back, but then I saw it was inevitable, the past must die and a new life had to be reborn. My almost twenty-four year marriage was pronounced dead may 2014. 
You may think I had to ask myself what do I do know, but the preceding two years was the beginning of my rebirth while a waited for a time of death certificate, basically I hung out in pergatory with a pre planning g ticket pack to living.

I write this the day after I marry my new life wife and  best friend, who may very well be the closest experience I have ever had to a Ying to my Yang. 

She is amazingly emotionally intelligent or having an extremely high E.Q. while income sider myself an emotional caveman compared to her. She is a love unicorn, dam near mythical. This is what other people say about her to me.

All the things in my life I had before,  I have now new and improved, with the bonus of having my offspring of my previous life still present and growing emotionally and spiritually before my eyes.

Sometimes as you see the  five finger death punch of  known life coming, one must experience the hit to be prepared for the next round. We can’t dwell on the things we cannot change and we can’t make other do our bidding if it is against their will. That is why as humans we were given free will. Which gives us the freedom to die or be reborn anew instead.

I refuse to emotionally die completely because my circumstances changed, but I will let the parts of me that are no long progressing atrophy and wither away. 

During the hard portions of this life change I asked GOD to put me where I am currently, and GOD instructed me to walk in the direction of the path of my request. I have not looked back, as there was no need.

You may think something is bad in your life from some time in the past, currently or in the future, to the point where you feel like giving up and dying physically or emotionally. I want to let you know only parts that die are the items you no longer need. Let that skin shed, for a new more beautiful form will be born.

It will be difficult to see yourself as the new reborn  initially. It is perfectly ok,  as a child cannot imagine being an adult, but if you follow the rules to grow from that which does not literally kill you. Amazing things will just happen.

Thank you Kristie & Sabine

Now go live the Billionaire Lifestyle and be reborn.

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