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What Women Want –  Being the Strong Man A Woman Wants

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What women want from a man is the age old question particularly for many men. We are (men and women)  fundamentally different creature spiritually and psychologically.  We often hear communication is key to a healthy relationship, but what happens when pieces of the conversation are lost in translation?

Elliott Katz has pulled information from his own life to begin his journey after the demise of his own ten-year marriage. This began a journey of research and understanding to find out the modern missing link. Through his life experiences and countless hours of study, Elliott began to see the missing pieces before his very eyes.  Timeless knowledge. Women want a man who has leadership skills without being controlling.

I have battled with the understanding of understanding what my past relationship partners required in our relationships. The conclusion is each party must be open to the dialog and make requirement clear.

Elliot states, nothing has really changed over time, but the messages from outside influences have changed. Men are portrayed as weak or overbearing. Confusing the matter is the dialog of the feminist and other movements that may not explain the necessary requirement and clear understanding of people wants.

He asked you out — and then couldn’t even decide where to go for a cup of coffee?

Why are women today are so frustrated with today’s men? “A lot of men don’t realize what they’re doing to try to have a good relationship – such as asking a woman out and then expecting her to make the plans — may be making things worse,” says Elliott Katz, whose book Being the Strong Man A Woman Wants: Timeless wisdom on being a man has been translated into 24 languages by publishers in Europe, Asia, Latin America and Africa.

An Amazon customer reviewer wrote, “This book has saved our marriage.” A woman wrote about the book’s insights, “If my husband of 38 years had understood these basic but crucial truths, my marriage would not have disintegrated.”

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Katz shares insights on being a man that has been lost to many men in this generation:

  • Show your share of leadership. One of the biggest complaints women have about men today is that they don’t show their share of leadership. When a man sees a situation that needs to be dealt with that is not being dealt with, he should step forward and deal with it.
  • Make decisions. To many women, a man who avoids making decisions is shirking his responsibilities.
  • Take responsibility. Don’t blame others for something that goes wrong. Step forward and deal with it.

To women he advises:

  • Encourage your man to make decisions. If he asks you to make a decision — such as choosing a place to go for coffee — say, “You decide” and let him decide.
  • Inform him of a situation where his leadership can help and ask him to handle it. Telling the man in your life what to do is not advised, but it is important to avoid contradicting him, unless what he wants to do is dangerous or damaging.
  • Appreciate him. Tell him you appreciate him dealing with the situation.


Being the Strong Man A Woman Wants is available as a paperback from Amazon.com and bookstores and as an ebook from Kindle, iBooks and Kobo.

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