Mentors wanted, Mentors needed!
Mentors wanted, Mentors needed!

At one time the world life was about tribes, clans and families. Today life is about the individuals. For use to evolve to the next healthy evolution point we will have to revisit some old practices and make those practices a part of our overall culture of being human.  Historically we were forced to come together as people because that simply was how we survived to live in the world. We learned by doing from those who succeeded. That learning process was how tradition was passed on to generations. Those students learned, adapted and promoted wisdom. Now we have college and summer internships for the general masses.

For instance a cobbler a person who makes shoes was an art and a craft. To become a cobbler required apprenticeship with a known cobbler who passed their wisdom and knowledge to the next generation by teaching a student. Today we don’t have education in the sense of learning by actually doing and having that human caring and interaction, at least not in America. We simulate, theorize, and are thrown into the world with a very nonspecific education system, churning out sheeple. Sure there are specialties such as doctors, lawyers, accountants and certain engineers, but our modern society simply has no real direction for true mentorship.

When was the last time you heard of someone being “taken under the wing” of someone of experience and expertise within a particular subject of knowledge. Unheard of today. This is where leadership is taught. Now we regard today’s leaders as the guy with the loudest mouth or he most money, not the person with the most substance. Our leaders and role models are sports athletes, and YouTube, and reality TV stars.

There is one way to save the wisdom.

  1. Identify knowledge you wish to posses.
  2. Find someone accessible who displays truth, and passion for the knowledge you are looking to own.
  3. Request from that person a desire to learn from them with a specific measurable outcome.
  4. commit to learning the lessons that person has to offer. (It may take a while)
  5. Practice  and perfect the art you have learned.
  6. Prepare to eventually teach your learned art to someone else in your lifetime.

Some things are just learned easier, faster, and entirely from a good mentor. Mentors give guidance to help navigate pitfalls and save time, money and resources. Mentors also learn from the student and stay valuable to the world. There is nothing truly new in the world except things, the knowledge and how to think for one’s self requires time. A good mentor can and will cut the time required. Because there is one thing you cannot get more of…..Time.

To live The Billionaire LifeStyle, you must have a goal, a vision and a strategy. Find yours!


Now Go live the Billionaire Lifestyle

Emmitt Muckles


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