You’re the Perfect Coach

perfect life coach, all it requires is your experience.
perfect life coach, all it requires is your experience.

You Are Ready

Your perfect life coach is in your mirror. Who knows your life better than you? You and I know EXACTLY what we need to do to perfect our own lives, but we feel the need to get approval.  The truth is you need no one’s approval to do good work on yourself.

Your Life Purpose

Your life purpose is your great quest. Life is not solely about making money or making the most money possible. The quest for money is a zero sum gain, as you will NEVER have enough. For some individuals, it may be said it’s the game of acquiring money. The question for all of us is what is the cost of chasing money to have more money? What is the point of owning the world with no human experience, love, and relationship to go with it?

Somehow many people, particularly in industrialized nations are constantly changing a dream which can never be complete. So why are many people on this planet blindly chasing money and profit over the experience called living? After observing the basics detailed by Maslow’s hierarchy of needs an epiphany is bound to occur.
Human existence is fundamentally rooted in the first time of living, sustain and maintain the physical human structure progressing upward to higher mental and spiritual states of being. Much of what we consider successful ultimately has little to do with monetary gains. It’s time to develop our collective emotional intelligence.

Purpose Living, perfect life coach
You are your Perfect Coach

Flawed Scheme

I will take a moment to think about future physical, mental and physical security, but our scheme is flawed. Most of us are taught to provide for ourselves in the modern context but move forward from a philosophical method derived from the premise of living too much in the now because the future may never arrive.
I often think of tribes and clan of people who don’t know the industrialized world exists. How did these people survival e for millenniums without the trapping of bigger, better more efficient advances? They simply lived, loved experienced and passed on their base knowledge and DNA.
How would you know you are poor if you have everything your life required? The answer, you wouldn’t unless some outside force convinced you of your condition.
Many of the world’s woes stem from the perception of lacking. Driving us to do what we are not for me of and does not speak to our being. Within the industrialized nations working 50 plus years for the hope of an active retirement seems like a hefty gamble. A life only afforded to use as one-time users.
Even if technology could transfer consciousness to live forever, how would you perform the second time around? I gather it would be more concerned with the human experience versus the chasing game chasing wealth without having lived the actual human experience.
This is my opinion, older adults frustrated after working for years and the young millennial generation has the understanding less is actually the most and not just more. Of course, I am relating to materialism and worldly gains.

Wake up to yourself!
Wake up to yourself!

Waking UP!

People are beginning to wake up from the old guard propaganda from the capitalism. Choosing to build the inner world residing in their being.
There is a war for your life and soul, requiring you entire lifetime input for the gain of the system. The propaganda doctrine teaches you to depend and seek the approval of third party structures. These third party structures work much in the manner related to the robots from the theatrical movie The Matrix. They need your energy to live.

We are the key to the Utopia. Simplicity is the route to success. Take what you need and no more. Explore unselfish love, joy states of being. Find your specific life craft while seeking methods to sustain your ability to live.

Since WWII, What have we accomplished?
Since WWII, What have we accomplished?

73 years and counting

The last 73 plus years since World War II the world has developed great technologies and ease of life. Why are we suffering more negative health and relationship issues? We are taught to see the differences instead of our relatable similarities. Color, religion, economics, geography and even hair colors have been used to separate people. Why? Because it is profitable for someone. Look at the root cause of war. It typically comes down to greed and power over other faction.
Divide and conquer has been the modus operandi. Tell you I’m doing something special just for you, so you will do my bidding. It simply is not sustainable. We must stop being a virus to ourselves and the overall environment. We are bred to believe personal problems are the results from other people who are very much like ourselves. We have heard, there are two sides to every story but consistently base our judgment from a single component. We must become better. Better lovers, people and ultimately live up to being all humans are capable.


It comes down to living from your true self, less the negative lack filled propaganda permeating the globe. We live in the most abundant capable time in recorded history. Why not live up to your full Trinity of mind, body, and spirit in this modern space.
Please explore your Billionaire Lifestyle and become the high-level being of your creator.