Why You Shouldn’t “Ask” Your Doctor

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Why You shouldn't ask your doctor book cover
Why You shouldn’t ask your doctor.

Dr. Richard Rumbling seems to have the cure for what ails you.

Dr.Richard Ruhling’s book “Why You shouldn’t ask your doctor”, stuck a chord with me, because I am not a fan of pills. Every time I have a doctor’s appointment, a new prescription manifest.

Our industrialized society it seems everyone has some sort of constant or periodic health. Minor maladies plaguing our being,  stem from the choice incorporated daily. Poor life and food choices require months and years for the effects to manifest biologically and psychologically. Many people are suffering subconscious mental and physical stress and pressure to maintain the status quo of American living, such aches and pains can see to come out of the blue. In reality they are the result of the lifestyle choices.

Uncovering Influences

Dr. Richard Ruhling seem to have uncovered many of the influences contributing to unhealthy and ailing states many Americans find themselves experiencing. Let’s face it we are a product of the society within which we reside. The system of capitalism is driven often by blind profit.  From the air we breath to the fuel we eat in the form of food and drink, there is a direct effect physical effect upon the health of the  individuals and the collective population.

Take a voyeuristic look around any Midwestern town in  American and the evidence is startling. We are suffering from Obesity, hypertension, high cholesterol, and a host of other preventative physical maladies. Industrial automation and advancement in computer drove humans into a very sedentary lifestyle. Many of the modern occupations require very little physical output to perform. The decline of manufacturing occupations in the United States and Canada.

Looking at our mental and physical health, the evidence is clear we are more prone  toward immediate comfort and convenience in our personal lives. We as individuals and a population deviated from the necessary function for biological prosperity, opting for the ease of life in the industrialized world.  Vast databases of information are currently available detailing the risk of eating various poor foods and little exercise. The motivation for health is just not enough to sway many in the population for change.

It’s not about Survival anymore.

Dr. Richard Ruhling headshot
Dr. Richard Ruhling head shot

We use to move as a method of survival. With many of our safety obstacles removed, the priority for physical conditioning has slacked in great numbers. Being unhealthy is not necessarily your fault. There has been a war on your subconscious to alleviate you of your dollars.  Cheaper food products may provide sustenance, while keeping prices the same or higher increases profits.

Dr. Richard Ruhlings Take on things

Dr. Ruhling seems to go for the straight forward no-nonsense approach to health and wellness. It’s not really difficult, it’s all about basics and something that seems to be a myth, common sense. Planet Earth has been providing humans with the necessary nutrition for eons. Population growth has seen us move from eating naturally to eating from a chemistry set. Human being did not evolve from a test tube, why should we eat the majority of our food from a test tube?

During our interview Dr. Ruhling pointed out how media affects our judgment, and the result of how sugar affects children more than adults due to their size. The food portions are one size fits all, with few actual portions sold directly for children.

Ttalking with Dr. Ruhling it’s evident his perspective is fact based. He is not a fan of modern Pharmacology. His book titled “Why you shouldn’t ask your doctor “, explains health care and medical are completely different items, and how the terms have been switched.

 Dr. Ruhlings Amazon page for “Why you shouldn’t ask your doctor ”  here is an excerpt from his Amazon page for the book:

The fastest growing cause of death in the U.S. is medical care and the largest component of medical deaths is from adverse reactions to drugs that were “properly prescribed” according to the Journal of American Medical Assoc, 7-26-00.

People need to know what they can do without TV ads to start Rx’s. My book has an excellent section on nutrition–it was Hippocrates who said “Nature cures…let your food be your medicine.”

A visit to your doctor yields a high probability of you walking away with a prescription for what ails you. Modern doctors are at the mercy of Pharmaceutical companies peddling everything from falling arches to snoring, and sleep aids. The reason, is their congressional lobby and deep pockets give them the upper hand.

Upon a tiny bit of information it is clear Dr. Ruhling has a biblical foundation. Aside from his book related to health many of his other titles are closely related to End times and biblical scriptures correlation to our modern times.

Dr. Richard Ruhling has some very interesting information for humans to ponder, consider, and discuss. You can find his works on Amazon or follow him on his website.

Talking Points

  • Your doctors word is not the end all be all, question everything.
  • Eat natural unprocessed foods more.
  • Read and expand your knowledge.
  • The bible has information we may no be interpreting fully.
  • Control your own state of being, don’t leave it in the hands of someone else.







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