Colors, Money, Love, Emotion,Intuition

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How do we tap into the subconscious?

Colors, Money, Love, Emotion, Intuition and information is what drives basic a psychological life. What if there is another language for communication? How do we tap into all of our emotional intelligence to become better informed human being. Those questions are being asked by select groups of people on the planet. Many of the industrialized world accept the world as we experience presented before us. Vital Information is presented to all of us in every moment of every day of every house but we suppress the information because it is easier to cope. So we think.

What is there were a tool or method to decipher the information to better our experience. Would you be willing to take the journey? Do you want to set yourself free of the subconscious dialog to live a more open life.

We often bury emotional things deep within ourselves, which manifest in problems or roadblocks later. Rachel Archelaus stumbled upon a method of self communication available for everyone to access. Rachel found that colors represent emotions and things hidden deep within our psyche.

Rachel Archelaus Bio:

Rachael Archeleaus Colors, Money, Love, Emotion,Intuition

An internationally known spiritual teacher, artist and business mentor. She is the founder of the Intuitive Art Academy and which teaches people how have a two way conversation with their Higher Selves in an easy, creative way.

The Certified Intuitive Artist program helps healers, therapists, and coaches to create a lucrative & impactful business by using Intuitive Art with their clients.

Rachel is the co-host of Soulfullpreneur Radio and the host of the Intuitive Art Show. She has interviewed leading spiritual creatives such as Sonia Choquette, Kyle Cease, Robert Sheinfeld, Jim Self and Jonas Elrod.

A prolific creative herself, she’s edited an international anthology of poems on the afterlife called No Fresh Cut Flowers, published several books of poetry, has hundreds of helpful articles and videos on her blog, and even has a new book coming out in February called Intuitive Art: How to have a two way conversation with your Higher Self.

From our conversation you will begin on the journey to:

  •    How to live your Soul Purpose even if you don’t know what it is
  •    How to turn up the volume on your Intuition
  •    How to have a Two Way conversation with your Higher Self

Find more information about Rachel and her work:


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