Dave Chappelle and I, The Billionaire Lifestyle: Same mindset

I watched the clip of Dave Chappelle on Saturday Night Live give a message to the American public,  summing up my opinion of the situation concerning the President Elect Donald Trump. We have to give this guy a chance to do the job he was elected. Equally as important Donald Trump must give the people who he has verbally and historically marginalized a chance to be view and included in the American fabric.

Basically we (Those who are not in favor with a Trump Presidency) have to start out at a truce and reboot the relationship again with Donald Trump. We almost have to be the bigger persons, as we have seen the rise in racial incidents as reported by CNN, Huffington post and other online and OTA media outlets. Otherwise we could see ourselves reliving the 1960’s American.


“High Level Emotions are one of the key components making us human. Emotions have also cost the world so many lives.” Emmitt Muckles 2016



Now Go live the Billionaire Lifestyle.

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