Our Love, Free will, Respect, Consciousness

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Are you experiencing love, respect, and Free will in their unlimited form? How is your life going?

The Presidential election of 2016 she’d a spotlight on our human disconnectedness. We have navigated and landed so far from our beginning with respect to technology, making us a little-unsettled human. We have to examine and own Love, Free will, Respect, Consciousness to progress toward our destiny.

Unsettled humans

Here is what I mean by unsettled humans. Our daily interaction and dependency on technology birthed a devolved artifact of social interaction. Humans being in the industrialized nations of the world have lost touch with our historical context of being human.

David Champion – Move forward with a clearer Understanding.

I had the honor of having a very intimate recorded conversation with psychic David Champion. Upon until contact with David, I anticipated the promotion of his services would be the topic of our exchange. To my surprise what transpired was a conversation covering Free will, love, hate and best of all consciousness. Our podcast was a portion of the conversation between David and I. It started as a telephone call with me trying to craft an interview. After 60 minutes on the phone with David, I hit the record button.

Love Respect, Free Will, & Consciousness


Love is the reason we all are alive today. We are driven by the most powerful force in the universe, yet humans are driven by lesser emotions in many instances such as fear. The subject of love was intertwined through our dialogue. The opinion David gave me is love should be the priority. We have exhausted in war,  harm, greed, and anything but unconditional love.

Most of our problem seems to stem from our apparent human differences versus concentrating our energy on our similarities and common struggles. We all have the same problems, want and requirements at the end of the day.


We spoke briefly about consciousness. Life displays just how unconscious we are in or day-to-day activities. Constantly our world population has become dependent and hopelessly tied to virtual relationships facilitated with and through electronic devices. We are simply not conscious of our environment. There is evidence all around us in the form of fake news and politicians who openly lie to our face with total acceptance by the public.

Relationships are even on autopilot, there is little work involved to cultivate many relationships. The status quo is to accept what you can get, instead of choosing the best compliment.


Open your heart and learn to love and Respect outside yoursel
Open your heart and learn to love and Respect outside yourself.

Free will

A sense of surprise is a state of being I often feel when the topic of free will is not discussed in all circles more often. Free will is your ability to have a choice in all areas of your life. So many people take the Free will for granted and fall back on the “it’s not my fault” premise. During our discussion, David and I commonly understood we all have a choice. The power of choice is the force moving us towards our betterment. Own your free will. Acknowledging your access to free will opens doors to express your power to unlimited potential.


Lack of consciousness gives your free will and access to your unlimited potential to those who don’t have a right control your life. With free will and active consciousness, your possibilities are greatly increased.  We are a society who are asleep at the wheel. Beautiful moments pass you by, killing your ability to activate your free will and ability to grow and experience the wonderful attributes and treasures living has in store. Practice being in the moment, gather the information life is presenting before you and watch how your life begins to blossom.


Listen to the Podcast!

I certainly intend to have David back on The Billionaire lifestyle podcast. You can find out more about David champion at: davidchampion.com










Now Please Go live The Billionaire Lifestyle!

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