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The Corporate Yogi, from a centered point of view.

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Conscious Business Podcast – Julie Zuzek


Julie Zuzek is The Corporate Yogi, helping entrepreneur find their direction, move forward and define their path.  Additionally, Julie is a Yoga instructor practicing and leading morning yoga classes, hosting a podcast and being an all around hustle person.

Like many of us, Julie found the corporate lifestyle a bit too confining and disabling. When she announced to her peers she had found her calling after amassing the necessary knowledge to help people, everyone knew her choices were the right decision.  Through the years of working in the corporate

Through the years of working in the corporate environment, Julie began taking in the methods that produced the best result. The most obvious benefit she brings to the table for her clients is direction and building a plan to move in the best direction. Her primary clients are entrepreneurs who have been in business for 18 – 24 moths. These individuals or partners have gotten their feet wet, gone through some challenges and require some help moving past the initial stages.

Julie’s words from the Corporate Yogi website.

When I launched The Corporate Yogi in 2011 I had more than 15 years of business experience under my belt. During that time I was immersed in marketing and communications for technology companies and startups. I worked in public companies and private companies; I’d experienced unprecedented growth, the highest of highs and the lowest of lows.

Ever hear that rule that it takes 3 to 5 years to get a new business off the ground? I was confident that my kick-ass experience, confidence and marketing skills made me immune to it. At least, that’s what I thought at the start of my journey. The truth is, becoming a successful entrepreneur has been one of the hardest and most challenging things I’ve ever done. And trust me, I’ve done a lot of challenging things in my years. I understand now why more than 90% of new businesses fail and why so many entrepreneurs give up. I believe my business experience helped me immensely, but I see now that it was only part of what I needed.

Okay, so I promised you some advice, didn’t I? Straight up, here it is. The most important thing you need to know about entrepreneurship is that it’s an accelerated form of personal development. Your mindset and beliefs are the subconscious blueprint that determines your success. The bottom line? The growth of your business depends on the growth of YOU. It’s not rocket science, but I still see a lot of entrepreneurs focus solely on factors outside of themselves to grow their business.

I know now that everything on my path has played a role in where I am today. If I had made millions in year one, I wouldn’t understand how to help others. I faced my fear of public speaking, learned how to be comfortable being seen and heard, and perhaps scariest of all I learned vulnerability. My business called me forth to grow, and once I started to incorporate my spiritual principles into my business and focused on my personal growth, it really started to take off.

Coaches are necessary – The unbiased opinion

Let’s face it we all may need some help when building up a business or venturing into new territory.  Coaches are those people who can see your world from the outside with a knowledge for the inside working for better performance. Julie is that coach. Bringing to the table for clients direction and understanding to help move the energy of business in the directions her clients desire.   Often when venturing into the solo business world, the excitement and passion can move anyone away from the focus. The world is an ever-changing landscape and anyone may find themselves off track, without a viable clue how to move back into the mix and flow.

The power to Change
The Power of Change

How to find the right person/right business coach?

Collaborating and working with other individuals can be a great challenge. The task of finding good advice is an extremely difficult task, particularly in a climate of so many options.  Julie’s background in yoga helps her to be grounded, centered and focused for her clients.  The most notable feeling from Julie is brutal honesty. In her own words, she stated her typical mode of operation is from a place of honesty.  If you can’t be honest then you are not ready to make the changes necessary for the forward move.

Hustle from the balanced center.

Canada’s cold cannot stop Julie. as mentioned before, Julie’s is:

  • Yoga instructor
  • Business coach, workshop leader, planner, podcast host of
  • Workshop leader, planner, podcast host of
  • Destination retreat planner, podcast host of
  • Podcast host of conscious business.

The Corporate Yogi brings a wealth of wisdom to the table for her clients, with additional knowledge added as time passes due to her boundless energy and passion for helping.

Check out her Thrive retreat, and maybe learn how to host your own destination retreat. Thrive Retreat

Her website and blog The Corporate Yogi

Her podcast The Corporate Yogi Podcast


Now go live The Billionaire LifeStyle!

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