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Trans Woman
Trans Man and Spouse
Trans Man and Spouse

If I have a blog/podcast titled The Billionaire Lifestyle intended to focus on how you and we can created a lifestyle of our desire regardless of what the masses tell us, I must include all life styles and I do mean as many as I can honestly define. My understanding is, most conservatives consider any domestic partnering other than opposite sex same race to be taboo currently in the hearts and minds of many Americans. This sentiment crosses racial, economic and religious faiths across the board.

I live a very open and accepting attitude towards people regardless of the personal preferences they may have regarding what adults they are attracted for their parting choice. As a heterosexual male I am in serious need of definitions.

Recently I was having a conversation with my wife because I read this term in an article Transracial parenting, which made me literally make the Scooby Doo sound. As a man of color who has married and been married previously to a Caucasian woman, and have children of that union, I was a little confused at the upsurge in the prefix “Trans-” . I though it was referred as “Inter” racial union and Bi-Racial humans. Did someone change the definition. I am not ranting I am just looking for clarifications.

There was another topic I have been broaching with friends and colleagues considering I was technically single singe 2012 until recently. I was married for about 22+ years. I discovered there was a whole new game afoot, and wondered how to define the partnering landscape of today’s culture. For instance I could be at a bar and strike up conversation with an interesting and beautiful woman and be totally clueless about the birth gender of the person I am interacting. Conversely I could meet a dude who I find to be a cool ass Bro, not understanding that Dude was born a female.

The two scenarios are a difference social psychology  and I new to the lexicon for the most part. If I were a person looking to started a family by combining my DNA with the opposite sex, knowing the birth sex of your partner is crucial. I want to be clean I am not against anyone, I am simply looking for definitions to understand how not to offend and how to approach various situations.

The most common items in my mind is titles. If you are a Trans-person who may have visual ambiguity to another person I have several questions:

  • How should I address you in the Pronoun.
  • Do I ask if someone is married or do you have a partner?( This one is generic across the board for me to everyone I meet currently, I really hate to seem ignorant, but can admit when I am.
  • Is it ok to just say to someone, I’m not sure how to approach you but you seem like and interesting person I would like to know, but I don’t want to offend you?)

Just as I am an African-American/Black/Negro what ever label society has given me over my lifetime, I am sensitive as to how I am approached labeled. At the end I the day I just as I figure other humans want to be respected by peers and strangers, so I figured the best way to learn is to ask.


This blog post may seem like a ramble, but it is because I am in unsure territory.  I as you to help me bring clarity not only to myself but other who are interested in the social fabric but afraid to ask. There are many lifestyle we can draw inspiration, and the Trans-community, LGBT, are no exception. Open you heart and mind and be respectful and honest.

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