Why was I broke, Why we stay broke.

13 Reasons why you are broke.
13 Reasons why you are broke.

Thinking back over the course of my adult life, before getting financially hip to the game, it’s a wonder I was able to function.

One observations I can remember, I have always made a decent living and been able to provide for myself and my family. With a few hiccups. The biggest problem I faced was always teetering on the edge of living paycheck to paycheck, or paycheck to search the couch for change. Somehow I managed to stay above water enough to think I was living comfortably. There must have been angels looking out for me constantly, because I cannot for the life of me figure out how I did not file for bankruptcy.

Many years of learning and experiences in my life taught me to change my mindset and look at things in the most basic and efficient method possible. There is a reason so many people write books and keep Amazon busy in the self-help section. Many of the topics are taken from the list provided in this post, oh which I have digested.

  • How to win friend and influence people.
  • Think and grow rich.
  • Rich Dad, Poor Dad.

These are just a few.

Here are some of the reasons we are broke and I was no exception until I gather the understand required to live the life wanted.

1.) Keeping up with the Jones
Basing your life on what other people are doing and trying to match their lifestyle.

2.) Bad habits – Spending money on drinking, smoking and just hanging out and doing nothing. If you smoke 3 packs of cigarettes a week at $6.50 a pack = $19.50 a week = $1014.00 a year.

3.) Stop learning – We live in a rapidly changing world and it is easy to become irrelevant. Irrelevant means low or no money.

4.) Playing the Lottery – Playing the lottery is a sucker bet, if you follow a lottery player and add the money spent on purchasing the lottery tickets it out weights the winnings from playing the lottery.

5.) Making minimum payments – Most credit cards and installment loans with a balance of $500.00 dollars and making the minimum payment can take 35 years to pay the debt back.

6.) Having No Goals – People without a goal tend to wander and go for anything. This means letting money go easily.

7.) Wrong crowd – The crabs in a bucket analogy is so strong here. Crowds influence you and you tend to take on characteristics of the people in your circle.

8.) Couch Potato – Couch potatoes tend to miss opportunities.

9.) Blaming Other – Blaming others is not motivational and places you in a cage, not allowing you to grow and accept challenges.

10.) Impulse buying – Impulse buying is not being in control of your emotions, in turn causing you to never have the money. We all have had the retail therapy bug, but when it happens to often we are left broke and feeling worse than when we started.

11.) Can’t say no – Sometimes “no” is exactly what you need to say. Saying no places you in a state of self-control of many circumstances. Saying yes is only good when you can do so comfortably helps you to stay on track. Your friends decide to jet off to Las Vegas and the first of the month when your rent is due. Your answer is sorry I can’t, I have other obligations.

12.) Thinking Rich people are evil – Often the media and within poor and  lower middle class society we are taught people with more money than us are evil. Most movies portray the Rich person as evil or just a plain old jackass. In real life many of the charities and educational programs are funded by these very people we think are evil.

13.) Not exercising Exercise keeps the mind strong and also help to keep your mood in a good place too. When you have a good mood, look good and feel good physically things will gravitate to you.


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