Wisdom, Prayer, Meditation, Cherokee Leadership

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Cynthia M. Ruiz

Cynthia M. Ruiz, Author, Inspirational Speaker and Leadership expert has a statement, ” Prayer is talking to God and Meditation is listening to God.

Cynthia is the combination of parents from Latina and Cherokee heritage. The combination rooted in the foundation of the North America. A new book titled Cherokee Wisdom; 12 lessons for becoming a powerful leader.  Cynthia has the inherited power drawing from a wealth of ancestors giving us a foundation for creating and leading our every endeavor.

During our conversation, Cynthia expressed the duality of her heritage caused some feeling of being an outsider in earlier in life. Maturity helped her see the world differently and led Cynthia to feel empowered while owning her Latina and Cherokee composition.  Out of the wisdom, she has found a very powerful but sometimes uneasy practice as Cynthia stated during our interview. The message is truly simple, first and foremost “Do the Right Thing”. Many can plainly see, “Doing the right thing” can be a foreign concept in our modern world as we are littered by constructs of the digital age where there are very few repercussions for many negative or selfish action put forth. Finding virtue is the foundation of the leadership skills within the literary project.

Cynthia’s book is available on Amazon.

Cherokee Wisdom: 12 lessons for becoming a Powerful leader
Cherokee Wisdom: 12 lessons for becoming a Powerful leader
 Finding a sane relationship in a crazy world
Finding a sane relationship in a crazy world

The key elements for any leader require the development of various virtues. The virtues are defined and explored in Cherokee Wisdom: 12 lessons or becoming a powerful leader:

  1.  Leader
  2. Integrity
  3. Strong
  4. Humble
  5. Confident
  6. Respectful
  7. Cooperative
  8. Communicative
  9. Determined
  10. Responsible
  11. Patient
  12. Teacher

Each chapter delves into the qualities required to become a good/great leader.  In this “Me” generation of today, Cynthia’s book should be on the must-read and re-read list.

The New Generation of Leaders -A wonderful takeaway in my conversation with Cynthia about the millennial generation.

While many people are harping of the ineffectiveness of the Millennial generation, Cynthia has a totally different optimistic point of view.  Millennials are the future of the world. This collective group of people born after 1983 has a very different take on the world, living, and society. If we don’t like their point of view, we better adapt, as they are the creation of our efforts. Cynthia believes it comes down to communication and adapting from both sides. The older generations expect Millennials to find their way to the Generation X and Baby boomers mindset versus understanding how this young group interacts and communicate.

Interesting conversation with Cynthia.

Finding Sane relationships and a crazy world, Cynthia’s first book to share her basic life wisdom gathered by simply living and learning.  Our conversations covered various topics too vast to write in a single blog post. For an in-depth understanding visit Cynthia M. Ruiz’s website cynthiamruiz.com.

In the Billionaire Lifestyle Podcast and blog, the goal is to show many people who are living and doing things outside of what you may see in your daily life. Hopefully, These individuals will inspire you out of where you are to try exploiting your talents.


About Cynthia M Ruiz. from

Cynthia M. Ruiz is an Author, Professor, Commissioner, Inspirational Speaker, and Leadership expert. Receiving over 50 accolades and awards for her leadership and service to Los Angeles. She currently serves as an LA City Commissioner overseeing the multibillion-dollar pension portfolio for City employees.

She has received the prestigious Hollywood Chamber “Women of Distinction Award, the HOPE “Ray of Hope” award and the Weingart, “Women Building LA Award. Twice the California Apparel News has listed her on their renowned List of Influential People and LA Weekly showcased her in their people addition.

Cynthia has over twenty years of experience teaching and public speaking. She is the author of “Finding Sane Relationships in a Crazy World” (English & Spanish) a self-help book and “Cherokee Wisdom- 12 Lessons for becoming a Powerful Leader”. She appeared in Discover the Gift (movie/book) with such notables, as is Holiness the Dala Lama, Michael Bernard Beckwith, Jack Canfield and much more.

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